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Interviews in English
Kaveh Madani on BBC HardTALK

Since the beginning of 2018, the Iranian Government has locked up a number of environmental scientists and campaigners. One respected conservationist was found hanged in his cell in what the authorities said was a suicide. What is going on?


HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur speaks to Kaveh Madani, a scientist invited back to Iran from an academic post in London to be deputy head of the Environment Department. He got caught up in the crackdown and fled Iran in April. Why has environmental activism become so dangerous in Iran?

Environmental Security in the Middle East

Kaveh Madani talks to The MacMillan Report about his work on environmental security in the Middle East.

He argues that environmental security is a misunderstood concept and the international community is not prepared to tackle the emerging and unique environmental security challenges of the Middle East.

CBC News with Kaveh Madani-Dozens Dead from Devastating Floods in Iran

"Floods in Iran have killed at least 60 people after two weeks of heavy rain in March 2019. Infrastructure has been washed away, crops have been decimated and many Iranians need assistance." CBC News interviews Kaveh Madani at Yale University.

Iran's Deputy Vice President on CNN's Amanpour

Target of Iran's hard-liners now in hiding.

"They tried to prove that I'm a spy...I'm not working for any intelligence service, I'm in love with my country," says former deputy vice president of Iran, Kaveh Madani.

Kaveh Madani on Roqe

Conversations from, to, and about the Iranian diaspora. 


Roqe, hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, interviews environmentalist and writer Kaveh Madani from Yale on his decision to return to Iran and his motives for environmental activism.

Interviews in Persian
Climate Change and Renewable Energy in Iran-24 Hours of Reality

Dr. Kaveh Madani from the Centre for Environmental Policy of Imperial College London comments on climate change impacts on Iran in the 24 Hours of Reality TV program in December 2016. He discusses the current level of understanding and government plans for mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Iran.

Iran's Water Crisis | Al Jazeera

Dr. Kaveh Madani, a global water expert from Imperial College London, meets Gelareh Darabi and the Al Jazeera Earthrise team by the Zayandeh-Rud River in Isfahan (Esfahan) to explain the root causes of Iran's water crisis.

Iran Floods: Homes and People Swept Away-BBC News

Rescue operations are under way across Iran as the death toll from severe flooding has reached more than 60. There are new warnings that dams in some areas could overflow, causing more devastation. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, and many are in urgent need of food, water, tents and blankets.


The BBC spoke to Kaveh Madani about the situation.

BBC News with Kaveh Madani on IUCN's Climate Change Report

Oceans are losing oxygen at a dangerous, unprecedented rate as temperatures rise, threatening many species of fish, says a study by IUCN. Kaveh Madani, the Head of Iran's Delegation at COP23, argues that climate action by the policy makers is unlikely without pressure from the civil society. He believes that "politicians don’t lead movements — people do!"

Protecting the Environment in Iran and Across the World

Iranian environmentalist and former Government Deputy Minister, Kaveh Madani, speaks out about the criminalisation of environmental defenders in his native country.

The COP25 Negotiations in Madrid | BBC News

Kaveh Madani, the former Vice President of the UN Environment Assembly Bureau argues that those who get hurt the most by climate change have the leas political and economic power to address this existential problem on their own.He believes that it is hard to imagine that success will be achieved if the US does not take responsibility in this game.

Why is the Environmental Space Being Criminalized, Politicized, and Securitized? | Al Jazeera

The Stream (Al Jazeera English)- Kaveh Madani explains the reasons behind the securitization of the environmental space around the world.

France 24- Iran Floods Kill 70 and Push Thousands from Their Homes 

The former VP of the UN Environmental Assembly Bureau talks about the dire aftermath of flooding in Iran, calling it a humanitarian disaster.

Water Footprint of Data Centers- ABC News 24 

Dr Kaveh Madani of Imperial College London talks about the hidden water cost of using internet and downloading data on ABC News 24. Yes, checking emails, watching online videos and messaging can use water.


Researchers from Imperial College estimate that up to 200 litres of water can be involved in downloading 1 GB of water.

Heat Waves & Climate Change= BBC World News

"If this had been the result of a terrorist attack, the whole world would have been talking about it. But, no one speaks about climate change because we are the criminals behind it!", says Kaveh Madani, Imperial College London's scientist and a former Vice President of the UN Environment Assembly Bureau, in response to the death of 54 people in Quebec, Canada because of heat waves in July 2018.

Kaveh Madani on California Drought 2015 | Boom Bust, RT

RT America- Boom Bust's Ameera David's interview with Dr. Kaveh Madani – professor of environmental management at Imperial College London and researcher at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Madani tells us his thoughts on California Governor Jerry Brown’s executive action on the drought crisis and gives us his take on the best solutions.

Iran: Environmental Activism in the Firing Line | France 24

Middle East Matters: A close look at Iran's environmental crisis, and it's attack on environmental defenders with former official, Kaveh Madani.

BBC Newshour on Iran's Dust Storms

Western Iran is suffering serious dust storms. We hear from those in the affected area, and ask: what's the cause, and is the government doing enough?  BBC World Service Radio speaks to Iran's Vice President, Masoumeh Ebtekar, and Imperial College scientist, Kaveh Madani to find out.

Iran's Water Crisis | France 24

Will Iran follow Syria's footsteps? France 24 tries to find out.

California Has to Change Its Attitude about Water | RT

While California is going through its first mandated water restrictions, states throughout the Southwest have been using these methods to contend with droughts for decades. Ben Swann speaks with Dr. Kaveh Madani, a researcher at the University of California, Irvine, and legal analyst Michael Lebron, AKA 'Lionel,’ about why it took California so long to implement these methods.

2019-03-24 00.17.05.jpg
Water in Iraq | BBC

As ISIS continues its march towards Baghdad, there are claims that the gains they are making are not just military, but also environmental. Much of the country is dependent on the rivers Tigris and Euphrates for water, both of which start their flow in areas controlled by the militants. Could water be used as a "weapon of war" in Iraq with either supplies limited, dams destroyed, or areas deliberately flooded? Dr. Mark Zeitoun from the School of International Development, and Water Security Research Centre, at the University of East Anglia in the UK, and Dr. Kaveh Madani, from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London join us on the Science in Action programme.

Iran Environment Scientists Detained | BBC World

Kaveh Madani on the latest status of the imprisoned Iranian environmental experts. Houman Jokar, Sepideh Kashani, Niloufar Bayani, Amirhossein Khaleghi, Sam Rajabi, Taher Ghadirian, Abdolreza Kouhpayeh, and Morad Tahbaz are the eight conservationists who have been in Iran's Evin Prison for over year. Their colleague, Kavous Seyed Emami, mysteriously died in prison in February 2018.

2019-03-24 00.56.17.jpg
When Water Solutions Go Horribly Wrong | CapeTalk

Breakfast with Kieno Kammies- Kieno Kammies speaks to Dr Kaveh Madani Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London

2019-03-24 00.22.53.jpg
Iranian Hardliners Forced Me Out of Government | Newshour

BBC- Kaveh Madani recently resigned from a cabinet level job in the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, saying he came under pressure from hardliners. Mr Madani had been persuaded to leave a prestigious academic post in London to return to Iran and serve as the deputy head of the environment department. In February, he was among several environmentalists who were arrested. Mr Madani spoke to us from an undisclosed location, in his first interview since resigning. Why did he quit?

به عبارت دیگر: گفت و گو با کاوه مدنی

  کاوه مدنی، استاد مدیریت محیط زیست در امپریال کالج لندن، مهمان برنامه به عبارت دیگر است و در مورد بحران آب ایران گفت و گو می‌کند

جنگ آب - گفت وگوی سیاوش صفاریان‌پور و دکتر کاوه مدنی


آیا واقعا بحران آب عامل جنگ هایی بوده و خواهد بود؟ چگونه باید به مساله کمبود آب نگاه کرد؟ آیا هدر رفتن آب در بخش کشاورزی معضل اصلی مدیریت آب کشور ما است؟ در نخستین نشست علمی سیتاک (باشگاه علم و فناوری) سیاوش صفاریان پور، ژورنالیست علم و برنامه ساز علمی، در گفت وگو با دکتر کاوه مدنی، استاد مدیریت منابع آب و محیط زیست امپریال کالج لندن، از جنبه های مختلف مساله آب و کمبود آب را بررسی می کند.

به عبارت دیگر: کاوه مدنی


در این برنامه به عبارت دیگر کاوه مدنی، استاد دانشگاه و متخصص شناخته شده بین المللی حوزه محیط زیست در مصاحبه با استیون سکر، از بخش جهانی بی بی سی در مورد مشکلات و دردسرهایش به عنوان معاون سازمان محیط زیست و خروجش از ایران می‌گوید.


ناگفته‌های کاوه مدنی پس از خروج ایران


در این قسمت، برنامه هفتگی خبر من و تو گفتگویی داشته با دکتر کاوه مدنی؛ دانشمند، پژوهشگر و نائب رئیس سابق مجمع محیط زیست سازمان ملل متحد. متخصص ایرانی شناخته شده مدیریت منابع آب و استاد مرکز سیاست محیط زیست در امپریال کالج لندن. دکتر مدنی شهریور ماه ۹۶ به دعوت عیسی کلانتری رییس سازمان محیط زیست برای تصدی پست معاونت آموزش و پژوهش و امور بین‌الملل این سازمان به تهران رفت اما از همان بدو ورود به دلیلی که خودش می گوید، اینکه خودی نبود، سیستم حاکم او را نپذیرفت. در این گفتگوی نود دقیقه‌ای، آقای مدنی از داستان‌ها و اتفاقاتی که بر او طی ۷ ماه معاونتش در دولت ایران گذشت، گفته است

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