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Iran's Water Crisis (Al Jazeera)

As Kaveh Madani explains, there are three main reasons for Iran's rapidly declining water resources, "one being the rapid population growth". He says: "In less than two decades the population of Iran doubled. The second cause is an inefficient agricultural sector. It's been very important for us over the years of war with Iraq and after that during the sanctions. So it was natural to be really worried about food self-sufficiency and food availability in this country. And the third cause being mismanagement." "Water is also linked to so many things and unless we understand and appreciate the linkages and this complexity, we cannot solve this crisis," he adds.

Dust Storms (BBC)

Up to five billion tons of dust blows around the earth each year. This film looks at the growing menace created by these phenomena. Focusing on the Middle East, one of the world's worst affected areas, and with the help of the world's top scientists the programme looks at why dust storms happen, how they affect our health and what we can do about them.


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